Framing Your Dream:

Drafting the Drawings:

The Warranty:

Laying the Foundation:

After some necessary paperwork, you will receive copies of the required documents and the keys to your new home. Congratulations, you are the new owner of a custom build home by Lavish Builders.

Shingles are installed onto the roof, and electrical and plumbing services are roughed in. Utilities such as water, electricity, telephone and cable will also be brought in at this time. A Inspection covering structural, electrical and plumbing occurs during this stage to ensure that everything is being completed in line with all necessary building codes and regulations.

Give You The Keys:

We’re so close now! During this stage, interior doors are hung, walls and ceilings are painted and the flooring is laid. Plumbing and electrical fixtures are installed and the trim is applied. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are installed as well.

Building Your New Home

There is a lot going on in your home. The roof and exterior walls are insulated and a vapour barrier is applied, and an inspection occurs. The drywall is installed and finished. The heating systems, including a fireplace where applicable, are installed. And depending on weather/frost conditions, the basement floor will be poured.

Making It Pretty:

You’re now ready to write an agreement to purchase. Working closely with Lavish Builders, you will submit an offer to build a new home. 

This contract will outline any conditions or limitations, and will outline any alterations you would like to make to the chosen floor plans to personalize your home. Upon acceptance of the agreement and removal of conditions, we are ready to move forward! 

At this stage, exterior walls, interior partitions and the roof are constructed and assembled. Walls are built on the floor one at a time and lifted into place. Windows and doors are installed as well. It’s at this stage that your new home starts to look real.

Final Walk-Through:

The construction begins! First, your new home’s foundation will be excavated. Foundation walls are erected and damp-proofed. Drain tiles are installed to drain ground moisture away from the house.

Our experienced team will work with you to help find the perfect home plan for you! Once you've found the home that meets your lifestyle, your needs, and budget we can begin the process!

Roughing It:

This is the stage where you can begin making any modifications to your chosen floor plan to personalize it to your taste and preferences. After changes are submitted you will meet with Lavish Builders to go over the final plans and review any changes made to the home. This is a check point to ensure that both the home owner and builder are on the same page and that no additional changes will be made.



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Custom Home Builder

With all your changes in tow, our talented team of drafters will create final drawings for your home. These plans must be finalized, approved and submitted to the local building permit office for review. The plans are also subject to architectural review based on developer guidelines in your chosen community.

Construction of your home can proceed only with the issue of a building permit.

Drywalling, Mudding, and Sanding.. Oh My:

Our Warranty Department is among the best in Michigan.

While we aim for perfection in every home build, we understand that things don’t always go according to plan. As a new home owner, we encourage you to refer to your walk thru binder to answer many commonly asked questions after moving into your brand new home!

Agreement To Purchase:

Discover & Choose:

When buying a new home it's normal to have many questions along the way! How long does it take to build it? When do I get to select my interior and exterior selections? When can I see it? Lavish Builders has made it very important to make the building process as straightforward as possible for our customers.  From our team of tradespeople, everyone works to make your new home build a smooth process.

Plan Modification Date:

Though you have undoubtedly been to your new home build before now, this final walk-through will take place with Lavish Builders prior to possession. Prior to this walk-through we will arrange to complete any final touch-ups and give the home a thorough cleaning so it’s clean as a whistle when you arrive.